Adjunct Faculty member at New York University (starting Fall 2023), Steinhardt School of Education. Additionally, I am a Visiting Core Critic in Lyle Ashton Harris' Performance and Photography Course at NYU, while also critiquing and advising Undergraduate and Graduate students regarding research, project development, and final reviews.

My teaching also extends to Sotheby's Institute in New York City where I am an Adjunct Summer Faculty teaching Contemporary Art, Marketing, PR, and Communications through a journalists perspective and I have taught Continuing Education for the New York School of Interior Design.

Under this headline, will be images from talks, lectures and student critiques.

Sotheby's Institute Faculty
Marketing for the Art World

Marketing for the Art World: This course will explore the specialized marketing and public relations tactics needed for the art world, including strategies for social media and digital tools to engage customers and clients for artists, galleries, auction houses, museums, and art fairs.

BFA Course Upcoming Intro to Galleries & Museums
Fall 2023
New York University, Art Department
Shadi Harouni, Lyle Ashton Harris, NYU Senior Elijah Angelo Chavez, Myself
Spring 2023
Lecture at Sotheby's Institute Graduate Program on Social Media
April 2023
Core Critic in Lyle Ashton Harris' Class
Spring 2023 Semester
Special Evening of Film Screenings organized by Tyler Mitchell

Tyler Mitchell was a guest in Lyle Ashton Harris' performance class at NYU in which I am a frequent collaborator. After watching some of the students' presentations, he was impressed and invited several of the students to screen their work to a larger audience, all through a streaming platform. After the screening, Lyle and I participated in a dialogue with Tyler and the students.

NYU Zoom Class With Lyle Ashton Harris

After all classes were moved to Zoom, I was a continued guest in Lyle Ashton Harris' Performance Art Course, playing a vital role in student critiques.

Sotheby's Adjunct Faculty
Sotheby's Institute Summer Faculty
Class trip to the Vessel!!

I asked the students to read all of the negative press on the Vessel and provided links to various articles. We then experienced it as a group which allowed them to consider participation and experience versus press, and what that means. They arrived at their own conclusions as to whether or not the work is 'successful' and how they would have changed the marketing strategies.

Class view in the Vessel.
At the top of the Vessel!!
My Sotheby's class allowed me to conquer my fear of heights as we climbed the Vessel with a very specific thought in mind: does it fill potential and or respond to the negative press it received. My conclusion, that while a 'staircase to nowhere' the architectural sculpture is a free activity for those to do, it's different and unlike the nearby shopping, gives visitors to the opportunity to climb, with a view.
Instagram post promoting my NYSID Course
NYSID Course description
NYSID Course
Judy Sheridan, one of my social media students! Eager to learn at any age. <3
Panel discussion organized by AICA @SVA
Jamie Keesling organized a discussion for art writers at SVA and I was delighted to participate with a diverse panel of young writers.