FaceTime Marker Portrait of Katy Diamond Hamer, by Sandro Kopp, May 2020

Katy Diamond Hamer

"There are three things I look for when viewing contemporary art: how is it made (technically), what does it say or reveal about art history, what does it say about our current time. I'm interested in how art and artists think about space and so much has been done before, it's relevant to me that there is knowledge of the past, so that one can do their best to not repeat it, unless intentional."

Katy Diamond Hamer is an art writer with a focus on contemporary art and culture. Writing reviews, profiles, interviews and previews, she started the online platform Eyes Towards the Dove in 2007 and was first published in print in 2011 with Flash Art International. Hamer had a column with Flash Art from 2011-2016. Interview highlights include Robert Storr, Helmut Lang, Courtney Love, and Rebecca Horn. Taking a cue from art writers such as Jerry Saltz and movements such as Arte Povera (Italy, 1962-1972), Hamer believes that the language used to describe contemporary art should be both accessible to a large audience as well as informed regarding art historical references. Having grown up in New York, she has been visiting art museums and galleries since the age of 16 and cannot imagine a world without art, or the written words used to allow others to also experience a particular level of engagement.

Clients include Almine Rech, Hauser & Wirth, Grand Life, The Creative Independent, The Art News Paper, Cool Hunting, BOMB, Cultured Magazine, Galerie Magazine, Flash Art International, W Magazine, New York Magazine (Vulture), The Brooklyn Rail and others. 

Hamer is an Adjunct Faculty member at New York University, Steinhardt School of Education, and Sotheby's Institute of Art. Previously she taught Continuing Education at the New York School of Interior Design.  

Katy Diamond Hamer is currently based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.