A R T Consulting & Advisement  
I have over fifteen years experience within the contemporary art community. My career has taken me all over the globe, from Hong Kong to Accra, Ghana along with multiple trips to Europe and South America. An early focus and interest took me to London in 2000 and 2001 where I visited the Tate Modern, Tate Gallery and numerous other important contemporary art venues including the  Saatchi Gallery at the original Swiss Cottage location. It was in London where I first witnessed a comprehensive exhibition on Arte Povera artists (Zero to Infinity 1962-1972). The exhibition, curated by Richard Flood and Frances Morris was invaluable at fine tuning my own taste level and assisting in the necessary jump from previous time spent in Italy with a focus on the Italian Renaissance to an organic, conceptual spatial inquiry. 
Fast forward to today. As my writing practice has grown and continues to expand, so has my network. I have met with such established artists as Thomas Hirschhorn and also younger artists such as Nate Lowman. Being based in Brooklyn, NY has allowed me to traverse the contemporary art world in a way that connects those who are up-and-coming along with those who have deep-rooted careers. Most recently my focus has been on Berlin and I have met many artists and visited a multitude of contemporary art galleries. I consistently visit all of the New York based Art Fairs, including the Frieze New York, and in 2012 made a pilgrimage to dOCUMENTA (13), the Deste Foundation, Athens, Greece, ABC Berlin, contemporary art galleries in Milan (including Zero, Fluxia, and Brand New) and Art Basel Miami. 
Also, in meeting so many relevant artists, I have started my own small works collection. Thus far my collection includes artworks by Ragnar Kjartansson, Olaf Breuning, Olek, Terrence Koh, Max Razdow, Eun Jin Kim, Edward Holland, Neil Beloufa and artist books by Scott Hug, J. Morrison and Daria Irincheeva. 
It would be my pleasure to work with you as a collectors and introduce you to artists in my expansive network, working together to broaden your own contemporary art collection and program. I would be delighted to take you or your clients to art exhibitions and arrange studio visits with emerging or established artists. 
Featured image: Olaf Breuning, Louise (Bourgeois), Digital c-print, 2011 
From the series Art Freaks which was on view at Metro Pictures, New York and Palais de Tokyo, Paris
If interested in Art Advisement please contact me at: Katy.hamer@gmail.com